Fine Superlite Slant Razor ( Product discontinued)
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Brand: Fine Accoutrements
Product Code: fine-slant-razor
Reward Blades: 26

This baby, light as a feather, immediately won the love and recognition of the wet shaving enthusiasts worldwide.

It looks like a toy, hangs - like a toy. But in the true hands is effective and dangerous as the samurai sword.

Even those who are already in the collection of metal safety razor with an slant bar, appreciated the technical characteristics of this new razor.

Almost every product from Mr. Fine becomes a hit, and Superlite Slant Razor is now on top of the hit parade.

  • Weight - only 15 grams!
  • Metal m5x.8 Screw and Threaded Insert (will fit most handles)
  • Height - 82 mm
  • Three Piece Razor
  • ABS Construction with UV Hardened Metallic Coating.
  • 100% Interchangeable with vintage "Italian Barber" Bakelite Slants

The Specialized design of the Fine Superlite Slant Razor precisely torques your favorite blades to present a slanted, and especially taut blade edge to your whiskers. This results in a highly efficient cutting action which remains comfortable and easily managed with the tough, but light-weight handle.

Brand: Fine Accoutrements

Made in China

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