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SOC - Semogue owners club Shaving Brush - Cherry or Ash handle - Boar Bristle

Overall height        116 mmBristle loft           &nbs..


Semogue 1305 Shaving Brush (Boar)

Semogue Shaving Brush Model 1305Overall height   110 mmBristle loft       &..


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Semogue 1520 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Semogue shaving Brush Model 1520Overall height       100 mmBristle loft   &..


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Semogue 610 Shaving Brush, red or black handle - Boar Bristle

610 Semogue Shaving Brush, Boar Bristle - red or black handleOverall height     ..


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Semogue 620 Shaving Brush Boar

Model 620              Semogue Shaving Brush Boar BristleOverall ..


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Semogue 830 Shaving Brush Boar Bristle

Born in 1955, the Semogue Shaving Brushes factory continues to be a family company that remains fait..


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