Reward Blades - new shaving virtual currency, which does not change course with fluctuations of other currencies.

You earn Reward Blades every time you spend on For every entire €1 you spend on, you earn 1 Reward Blade. 

Reward Blades accumulate only for registered users.

How to get rewards blades?

The cards of each product as specified reward Blades you get after purchase. Number reward Blades also reflected in the shopping cart. You can use the resulting reward blades when the next purchase.

How do I spend reward blades?
How can I change the reward blades on the real blades?
You must be a member and logged in before the transition to the shopping cart. Add to cart blades that you want. Rewards Blades can be spent only buying real blades.  You can see the item card as reward blades required for the purchase of real blades. In fact, the exchange rate is 1: 1.  Examle: for 5 rewards blades you will receive 5 real blades.

Under the shopping cart is a drop-down menu: Use Reward Blades. Use it.